Chicken Cutlets and Iceberg

Juggling the Emptying Nest

Lately dinner is becoming much more of a table for two. I can't believe I was concerned back in September when Annie went off to college and we became a table for three. Hah! That's crowded compared to the state of my dinner table these days. This week Joe wasn't home for dinner on Monday or Wednesday, it was just me and Louisa around the table. Monday we had those crave-worthy BLTs, and on Wednesday I prepared the breaded chicken cutlets you see above. To prepare these cutlets, I used plain … Read More...

Sweet Corn Cookies

C is for…

C is for Cookie (well, any 3 year old could tell you that!) C is for Corn (one of my favorite vegetables) C is for Crumble (that's what cookies do, right?) C is for Crazy Good! You know how I get something in my head and it just needs to get into my stomach? You know how I begin to obsess about food that I ate someplace and need to have again. As... Soon... As... Possible? Yep, that's the way it was with those Sweet Corn Cookies I ate at Schmackary's last week. Obsession. Like I … Read More...

The Baker’s Dozen

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Photo of the Week

Almost Fruit Smoothie

Photo of the Week – July 3, 2013 – Almost Rotting Fruit

The secret to dealing with rotting fruit. Bananas and mangoes frozen just before the point of rotting, now used as the icy ingredient in a smoothie. Strawberries looking less than desirably firm and about to be abandoned on their way to rot are tossed in for extra sweetness. What do you do with almost rotting […]

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Latest Obsessions

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A flavorful sumer meal.

New Tricks with Zucchini

Do you know anyone growing zucchini? If so, you may have been recently gifted, as I was last week, with a portion of their newly harvested crop. When those zucchini grow, you can't turn your back for … Continue Reading...

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