Joe and I loved this pilaf, but it won't hit the list of family favorites.

7 Reasons to Choose your Own Delicious Dozen

I know that many of you have been following my journey since last year as I attempt to choose the Delicious Dozen list of favorite recipes for my family. I'm sure you've stood by me for a variety of reasons, which might include: our relationship outside of this blog; a relationship developed over the years even if we don't have regular contact now; or merely a curiosity similar to the impulse we have to stare at car wrecks on the side of the road - "What the heck is that Donna going to try to … Read More...

This recipe was one of the original best recipes in my collection - even predating the girls!

Well, Maybe I Got a Little Carried Away…

Some of you needed closure on this year-long quest I've pursued. You asked me to stop procrastinating and share my Delicious Dozen recipes, because, wasn't it about time? After all, it was my goal to have a collection of favorite family recipes before my little birdie number one left the nest for college. That birdie, Annie, flew away two weeks ago. Feeling the pressure of this obligation I spent time yesterday and today trying to decide which of the recipes that fell under the Contenders … Read More...

The Baker’s Dozen

New Year's Dinner

More New Year’s Luck

As reported yesterday, the new year began with an out-of-the-ordinary breakfast - a breakfast that took a little bit more effort than usual. Homemade pancakes and bacon are … Continue Reading...

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Photo of the Week

Mother's Day Dinner 2010

Photo of the Week – 5/12/10 – Mother’s Day Dinner

It was Mother’s Day and this is what I wanted for dinner. Surprised? Were you expecting a small, dainty salad? Mom needed a steak dinner and by golly that’s what she got. Thanks Joe for taking on the cooking assignment I gave you. It was delicious.

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Latest Obsessions

Epoisses Cheese

I’ve Fallen in Love

(This post was originally published November 29, 2010, but it's certainly worth bringing back for an encore. By the way, this love affair wasn't a passing fancy, it's still … Continue Reading...

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