Eggs Benedict Marsala

The Missing Ingredient, and Why Mess with a Good Thing?

In this week leading up to Christmas, many of us (or is it just me?) are more than a little bit distracted. One last trip to the store. One more holiday event to attend. Many more packages to wrap (oy!). Which is why I've been forgetting the one crucial ingredients in our dinners this week. Can you tell what it is from looking at our pan-grilled, oven finished steak? Can you tell from the broccoli rabe? Do you see anything wrong with the pasta and the oven roasted tomato sauce that came to us … Read More...

St. Germain Spritz

Add Lightness to your Party with Bubbles, and a Lesson for the Day

Bubbles were standard issue party supplies when my girls were little. Everyone got excited when the bubbles and the wands came out. Who can blow the most bubbles? Who can blow the biggest bubble? Who can make a bubble wrap around their body (yes, you need special equipment to do that). Bubbles are fun, festive and, fortunately, we grownups can indulge in bubbles of a different sort when we have our parties. Namely, sparkling wine and bubbly cocktails. This all came flooding back to me as I … Read More...

The Baker’s Dozen

So easy, even a rushed parent can make it.

Hello and Welcome!

Let me begin by saying Hello and welcoming all of the new visitors who stopped by this site yesterday. You can see that it's a bit more personal and conversational over here … Continue Reading...

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Spring Gouda

Selfish Post

You readers know that I maintain this site just for you. I understand your needs and how you need a daily chuckle or bit of inspiration. Who doesn't, right? Today, however, … Continue Reading...

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