Guilt free but still delicious!

A Seasonal Wish and a Photo for the Week

Do you find it strange that looking at this photo gives me cravings? And no, I'm not talking about craving the counterpoint to these ingredients like chocolate or salty popcorn, some of my usual cravings. No, looking at this photo, taken at a local Zoe's Kitchen last week, gives me cravings for this plate of food, and inspires a wish for the season.  … Read More...

zucchini and pork

Was I Being Unfair?

A little zucchini goes a very long way. Too long for some people around here. Like people who yell when dinner is served that "you've got to be kidding me!" No, not kidding. And then I was accused of being unfair because I don't make many dishes with tomatoes because Annie doesn't like it, but lately I keep coming up with zucchini dishes. Yep, Louisa, you've finally figured out who the favored child is in this household. Now I'm kidding. But you deserved that for making such unfounded … Read More...

The Baker’s Dozen

Chard Soup

Why My Daughter Loves Me

You should have heard Louisa's excitement last night when I told her we were having Swiss chard soup for dinner. With beans. And chicken sausage. She was beside herself with … Continue Reading...

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Photo of the Week

Enjoying Johnson's Popcorn - Photo of the Week 8/19/09

Enjoying Caramel Popcorn – Photo of the Week 8/19/09

Last weekend we FINALLY had a sunny Sunday and were able to go to the beach for the day. Actually, we went to Ocean City, NJ for the day, and according to New Jersey parlance we “went down the shore.” Strange expression, I know. We have several favorite beaches in the summer. We go to […]

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Latest Obsessions

Pork and Posole Soup

Remember the Redesign?

So, remember before the summer when we chatted about redesigning this blog? You gave me ideas for changes, I took them in and have been chewing them over the summer, on the … Continue Reading...

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Cooked Mushrooms

Grandma’s Mushrooms

If your Thanksgiving was anything like my Thanksgiving, you are opening the top button of your pants just about now, and you haven't even had your lunch yet. Am I right? I mean, let's face it, … Continue Reading...

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