The Last Collards

A Notable Moment

  This probably isn't the prettiest food pic that's been posted on this site, but I promise you, it's notable for other reasons. … Read More...

Beef and Couscous Peppers

Stuffing Peppers – When Old Becomes New

I don't know what happened this week, but it seems like I'm being drawn to old-fashioned dishes. First there was the chicken marsala earlier this week... I'm still wishing there were leftovers from that night in the refrigerator. The next evening I made these stuffed peppers, another dish I associate with the last century, but not with modern cooking. Maybe the cold has pushed me into the arms of comfort food recipes and, honestly, how many modern dishes would you consider comfort food? Quinoa? … Read More...

The Baker’s Dozen

Chard Soup

Why My Daughter Loves Me

You should have heard Louisa's excitement last night when I told her we were having Swiss chard soup for dinner. With beans. And chicken sausage. She was beside herself with … Continue Reading...

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Photo of the Week

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Latest Obsessions

Epoisses Cheese

I’ve Fallen in Love

(This post was originally published November 29, 2010, but it's certainly worth bringing back for an encore. By the way, this love affair wasn't a passing fancy, it's still … Continue Reading...

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