A flavorful sumer meal.

New Tricks with Zucchini

Do you know anyone growing zucchini? If so, you may have been recently gifted, as I was last week, with a portion of their newly harvested crop. When those zucchini grow, you can't turn your back for a moment or they will shoot up and come knocking at your front door, looking for a place at your table. The green beauties you see above were a gift from my dad, which always comes with a challenge. Not a challenge from my dad but, from past experience. I know that the girls, especially Louisa don't … Read More...

The Baker’s Dozen

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Pork and Posole Soup

Remember the Redesign?

So, remember before the summer when we chatted about redesigning this blog? You gave me ideas for changes, I took them in and have been chewing them over the summer, on the … Continue Reading...

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