Chinese chicken and mushroom lettuce cups.

Spring Cleaning Continues with Chicken Lettuce Cups

Many promises have been made on this blog over the years. Like, I'm always going to make this recipe it was so good. What recipe? I have no idea. That's how quickly I forget my promises. Or maybe I simply succumb to ADD of the kitchen variety. I'll say, "Yep, love this recipe, I'll make it every week" one minute and then, "Oh, wait, what's that recipe again? Never mind, let's make this my favorite recipe to make every week." Until I forget that one when the next good looking dish crosses my … Read More...

Sugar Cookie

The Secret Ingredient

Should I really share this with you? Or am I the last person on the planet to know the secret ingredient in Italian pastries? Thanks to a very good baker in my knitting group I've been introduced to this secret. And, I guess we're pretty good friends at this point so I'll share it with you. There's a certain flavor in Italian pasties and cakes that can't be missed. You'll notice it in Italian cheesecakes, or grain pies, or sfogliatelle (those shell looking pastries). It's like a citrus flavor … Read More...

The Baker’s Dozen

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Epoisses Cheese

I’ve Fallen in Love

(This post was originally published November 29, 2010, but it's certainly worth bringing back for an encore. By the way, this love affair wasn't a passing fancy, it's still … Continue Reading...

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