Thanksgiving Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving!

If previous years can predict the future, I expect the internet will be going dead beginning tomorrow and through Thursday, unless, of course, you're the Butterball site where all panicking turkey cooks go in the final hours of preparing the big feast. Then, all of you will return on Friday, but not to read about recipes, but to begin your holiday shopping -  because, you know, they're going to run out of things to buy if you don't get right on it the minute you've digested the food consumed the … Read More...

One Pot Mozzarella Pasta

I Hate to Admit How Easy Sunday Dinner Was…

When you're a traditional Italian, Sunday dinner is usually pasta. I don't write much about Sunday dinner because that would probably bore you guys to tears. Make the gravy, boil the pasta. Every week. Yawn. Yesterday, it was a little different. Joe and I went to see "Interstellar" and it was a loooooooong movie. We really liked it and if you're into futuristic sci-fi plots I think you'll like it too. It's the kind of movie that you'll continue to ponder the next day. But, be warned, it's a … Read More...

The Baker’s Dozen

Celebratory Pad Thai


The more scientific, precise among you may have noticed there was no recipe selected for last night's dinner. The rest of you, like me, didn't worry about those details and … Continue Reading...

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Photo of the Week

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Latest Obsessions



I was going to prattle on today about last night's final Rachael Ray dinner - it was okay, but unremarkable. Nothing that would inspire the OBSESSION of my new cheese … Continue Reading...

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zucchini and pork

Was I Being Unfair?

A little zucchini goes a very long way. Too long for some people around here. Like people who yell when dinner is served that "you've got to be kidding me!" No, not kidding. And then I was accused of … Continue Reading...

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