Al Roker's Pulled Pork

The Nesting Instinct

Rumor says that when a pregnant woman is close to releasing her baby into the world, she's hit by this uncontrollable nesting instinct. Supposedly these mythological women go into a cleaning and cooking frenzy to prepare their nest for the soon-to-be-delivered offspring. That never happened to me, which might explain the need for two induction/c-section deliveries. Too much information? Sorry. But, while babies never drove me to nest, an impending snowstorm will set off a similar cooking … Read More...

Egg Free Cookie Dough

How We Prepare for this “Historic” Blizzard

Hey, have you heard? The blizzard to beat all blizzards is imminent on the East Coast. It came out of nowhere - that's one impressive blizzard. Usually we get at least a week of warnings as it approaches. This time all of that milk and bread buying had to be accomplished in about two days. We're good to make French toast for breakfast the rest of this week, as one of the radio jocks I heard suggested we do with our over-preparedness. Once the milk and bread had been safely lodged in the … Read More...

The Baker’s Dozen

Pulled Chicken

What a Good Idea!

The weather was really crummy on Monday. Thunderstorms were threatening all day, kind of the way it's been this entire summer. That was enough of an excuse for me to decide to … Continue Reading...

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Photo of the Week

Speculoos Cookies

Photo of the Week – December 12, 2012 – Christmas Cookies

These were the cookies I baked for our cookie exchange last week. They weren’t as pretty as the ones on this month’s cover of “Bon Appetit” but they tasted pretty good for a spice cookie. What did you think I would bake a simple chocolate chip for this annual event? Obviously you don’t know me […]

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