Hard enough but soft enough too.

Chocolate Biscotti

This college preparation stuff has taken some interesting twists and turns over the past few weeks. Among the less pleasant twists, Annie needed to have a few impacted wisdom teeth pulled this morning. It was either that or hope that they didn't act up during finals and require an emergency extraction. Among the more pleasant twists, in a bittersweet kind of way, we went on a short family vacation last week to Puerto Rico. Life will be changing this year, with much less time spent together as a … Read More...

Chocolate Chip Banana Muffin

Good Things Come to those Who Wait

Can you find it in your heart to forgive me? Is tardiness really a mortal sin? Perhaps when you try this recipe you will find I wasn't such a horrid person for neglecting to post last week's Chocolate Challenge. I know, it's tough to go a week without talking about chocolate, but good things do come to those who wait. Like these Chocolate, Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins. Oh my, I know I've said on this blog that other muffins have been the best I've ever baked, but really, these are the best. … Read More...

The Baker’s Dozen

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Photo of the Week

Pumpkin Pie with a Twist

Photo of the Week – December 1, 2010 – Pumpkin Pie with a Twist

I made this Maple Pumpkin Tart last week for Thanksgiving. The recipe came from Martha Stewart’s Everyday Food and it had two twists on the typical pumpkin pie. First, it was flavored only with maple syrup. Second, fine white bread crumbs were mixed into the custard. It added a little more body than you find […]

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Latest Obsessions

Blue Cheese Cole Slaw

Blue Cheese Cole Slaw

Why all of the doom and gloom about the end of summer? There's plenty of time left to enjoy the steamy weather. Hey, I just recently pulled out my shorts - these transitions … Continue Reading...

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