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Whiplash Creating Advice and More Yummy Yarn

Trying to keep up with the latest health and nutrition news can give a person whiplash. I think by now we all know that the once beloved margarine is now less healthy for us than butter, a natural product that can bring so much joy to a person's life. Send me to a desert island with a lifetime supply of bread and butter and I could be happy. The advice on coffee or wine is constantly changing, depending on which of the latest studies you read. It seems to me that lately coffee has the edge in … Read More...


Feast for the Eyes

There's an old saying that we eat first with our eyes. If so, do these visual feasts make you feel hungry? A few nights ago I prepared this favorite dish, at least for me! Thai Beef with Basil is currently on The Delicious Dozen list. This time, instead of shredding the carrots with a food processor or box grater, I manually cut the carrots into strips, not an especially talented julienne, but good enough for my cooking purposes. When you look at this feast of colorful vegetables, does it … Read More...

The Baker’s Dozen

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Blue Cheese Cole Slaw

Blue Cheese Cole Slaw

Why all of the doom and gloom about the end of summer? There's plenty of time left to enjoy the steamy weather. Hey, I just recently pulled out my shorts - these transitions … Continue Reading...

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Chicken Soup in a Cup

Preparing with Chicken Soup

I have plenty of friends that go through life and take each moment as it comes, with little anticipatory stress. Oh, those lucky people that deal with stress only if and when it shows up on their … Continue Reading...

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